What a wonderful get together from so many different countries

Simin had a great idea the other day; Would it not be nice to have a Potluck dinner with the members of the Skills Exchange?

I was so pleased she came up with this as  over the years I have found that having these social events are great for getting to know each other and starting conversations and ways to help.

So yesterday evening at 7.30 the door knocker became busier than ever.

Glo came with some tasty pears in amaretto
Paola followed swiftly with an Italian Broccoli bake
Eileen and Francis brought a juicy apple pie
Jorge and Angela surprised us with a Colombian rice pudding
The Simin presented us with a huge pan with Iranian rice
Agi arrived with a steaming pan of Hungarian bean soup (perfect for a cold night)
Pavlina made a lovely salmon and leek pie
Electra, our newest member popped in with a Stollen
Simone with an amazing fat free Chocolate cake and
Louise made an eyecatching plum tart   (not only eyecatching but delicious)

At the end Michael came who managed to eat the leftovers and organised an accupuncture session with Pavlina,  promised to go to  Glo's and to get down the Christmas decorations from the loft and one day next week have a life coaching session with her.

Electra mentioned that she had a chain saw, I could not help seeing the glee in Eileen's eyes,so won't be surprised if those two will meet soon.

Louise is planning to earn some gems doing a Christmas star making session so she can have a decluttering session from Glo or myself.

Pavlina would like to have a group gardening  outing, so a few of us might be seen in their garden soon.

The evening was lovely, food delicious and more local friends made. PERFECT


  1. My first introduction to the group as a new member and what a very pleasant evening it was.
    Thank you for the warm welcome,delicious food shared and to Karina & Simi for hosting it.

  2. Dear all.

    this is the (approximate) recipe for my broccoli bake.

    Steam a large head of broccoli and mash. Mix with b├ęchamel sauce and when cooled add 2 beaten eggs, parmesan cheese and nutmeg. Season to taste.
    Pour into a greased dish coated with dry breadcrumbs. Sprinkle breadcrumbs and a few nuggets of butter over the top and bake till you see that the sides and top have gone darker. Very nice also cold.
    Sorry I can’t be more precise about quantities and times but I’ve never had an actual written recipe for this dish as it’s something my grandmother and mother made.

    Thank you Simin for thinking of having this special evening and thank you Karina for hosting it. Very enjoyable.
    Have a good weekend!
    Ciao, Paola

  3. Hi all,
    Thank you Simin for organising a lovely pot luck meal and Karina for hosting it!
    I have a request. My 2 and half year old granddaughter is coming to us for Christmas and we need a child car seat to transport her safely. We do not have Isofix points in our car so we are looking for a seat which is held by the seat belts.
    Does anyone have one to lend for a week?
    Any advise about what to buy? Safety, ease of installing in car and the child. It is many years since we have had to do this and our experience is woefully out of date.