A trip to Amey Cespa

I was so excited to hear that after 3 years of waiting I finally got my new allotment.
The next day I went to see it at Victoria Homes, just up the road from where I live. Can't be more convenient.  The area is beautifully maintained as the surrounding gardens are for the elderly people who live there.

This means..... no big tractors or trucks delivering manure and other mulching materials and dumping it in the car park (like we used to have in Nottingham). This time we have to be a little more gentle and tidy.

The plot I have taken over was over grown but did not take long to get under 'control', I have noticed though that the soil is very sandy and would dry out quickly if not protected. Watering will have to be by hand (no hoses in sight!)  so have decided to have 4 raised beds to put the more tender and water hungry plants in.

Last week I mulched the whole allotment with a thick layer of leaves and now wanted to find some soil improver to put in the raised beds.  After an SOS to the Skills Exchange.

Ben who just lives up the road, told me he had a car in which he transports his dog, wood, and takes stuff to the tip. PERFECT as our little car is new and we did not want to use it for work like this.

So off Ben went to Amey Cespa on the A10 to come back and drop off 10 bags of still warm soil improver. He helped me put it in the beds, I handed him his gem and as soon as he came, he disappeared again.

I am very grateful to him and will no doubt ask him again later in the season.

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