Journey of a Gem

If in 'real' life a good friend does you a favour and you volunteer to pay for it, very often your friend will not want to accept your money. It is seen as a friendly and generous gesture. If Paola had not accepted a Gem after she had  given Karina a lift,  none of the actions seen below would have followed.See the journey of a gem story and realise that spending 1 gem can set off a chain reaction of nearly 40 kind and generous deeds. It is all about creating opportunities to let others shine!

Paola helped Karina by giving a lift to the station
Karina  earned a Gem by helping Liz dig her garden.
Liz  earned a Gem by looking after  Helene's cat 
Helene earned a Gem by taking  Karina's old carpets to the tip
Karina earned a Gem by  sorting Pavlina's vegetable plot
Pavlina earned a Gem by lending Mark  the pressure washer.
Mark earned a Gem by providing Michael with business advice
Michael earned a Gem by getting Glo's Christmas stuff out of storage
Glo earned a Gem by helping Githa with life coaching
Githa earned a Gem by helping Paola with a lift
Paola earned a Gem by mending  Silvia's clothes
Silvia earned a Gem by helping Liz in the garden
Liz earned a Gem by providing Aaron with accommodation
Aaron earned a Gem by mending Thomas bike tyres
Thomas earned a Gem by mowing  Pavlina lawn
Pavlina earned a Gem by giving Michael a accupuncture massage
Michael earned a Gem by baking a bread loaf for  Harmony 
Harmony earned a Gem by babysitting for  Gwendolyn and Florian 
Gwendolyn earned a Gem by ironing for Anthony 
Anthony earned a Gem by driving  Michael  to the airport
Michael earned a Gem by giving  Manon a demonstration in sushi making 
Manon earned a Gem by babysitting for  Carmen 
Carmen earned a Gem by giving Simone a massage
Simone earned a Gem by designing a leaflet for  Karina 
Karina earned a Gem by providing  Michael with accommodaton
Michael earned a Gem by baking Paola  brownies for her tea party
Paola earned a Gem by giving Guido  accommodation
Guido earned a Gem by painting Karina's summer house
Karina earned a Gem by washing Silvia's windows
Silvia earned a Gem by ironing Thomas' shirts
Thomas earned a Gem by babysitting for  Gwendolyn 
Gwendolyn earned a Gem by ironing  Karina's laundry
Karina earned a Gem by helping Jorge with his accommodation
Jorge earned a Gem by helping Simin  putting items on Gumtree
Simin earned a Gem by making a delicious meal for her Agi  and her family 
Agi earned a Gem by helping Bea with doing gardening
Bea earned a Gem by helping Agi's daughter with reading
Agi  earned a Gem by helping Liz A. with her garden
Liz earned a Gem by altering Karina's curtains 
Karina earned a Gem by cleaning  Paola's pond filter
Paola earned a Gem by mending Estelle's daughters jumper
Estelle earned a Gem by helping Karina with moving the raised beds to her new garden
Karina earned a Gem by providing Pat with painting materials and dust sheets.
Pat earned a Gem helping Pavlina

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