It all started with a Gem

It all started with a Gem…..

On the 11th of July 2014 The first Cambridge Gem was exchanged when Karina asked for a lift from Paola to the Station.
And the rest is history. (as they say)

Paola was happy to give Karina a lift to the station. As a friendly gesture she did not want a Gem but accepted one any way as she was aware what happens when a Gem is able to shine.

Paola helped Karina by giving a lift to the station
Karina  earned a Gem by helping Liz dig her garden.
Liz  earned a Gem by looking after  Helene's cat 
Helene earned a Gem by taking  Karina's old carpets to the tip
Karina earned a Gem by  sorting Pavlina's vegetable plot
Pavlina earned a Gem by lending Mark  the pressure washer.
Mark earned a Gem by providing Michael with business advice
Michael earned a Gem by getting Glo's Christmas stuff out of storage
Glo earned a Gem by helping Githa with life coaching
Githa earned a Gem by helping Paola with a lift
Paola earned a Gem by mending  Silvia's clothes
Silvia earned a Gem by helping Liz in the garden
Liz earned a Gem by providing Aaron with accommodation
Aaron earned a Gem by mending Thomas bike tyres
Thomas earned a Gem by mowing  Pavlina lawn
Pavlina earned a Gem by giving Michael a accupuncture massage
Michael earned a Gem by baking a bread loaf for  Harmony 
Harmony earned a Gem by babysitting for  Gwendolyn and Florian 
Gwendolyn earned a Gem by ironing for Anthony 
Anthony earned a Gem by driving  Michael  to the airport
Michael earned a Gem by giving  Manon a demonstration in sushi making 
Manon earned a Gem by babysitting for  Carmen 
Carmen earned a Gem by giving Simone a massage
Simone earned a Gem by designing a leaflet for  Karina 
Karina earned a Gem by providing  Michael with accommodaton
Michael earned a Gem by baking Paola  brownies for her tea party
Paola earned a Gem by giving Guido  accommodation
Guido earned a Gem by painting Karina's summer house
Karina earned a Gem by washing Silvia's windows
Silvia earned a Gem by ironing Thomas' shirts
Thomas earned a Gem by babysitting for  Gwendolyn 
Gwendolyn earned a Gem by ironing  Karina's laundry
Karina earned a Gem by helping Jorge with his accommodation
Jorge earned a Gem by helping Simin  putting items on Gumtree
Simin earned a Gem by making a delicious meal for her Agi  and her family 
Agi earned a Gem by helping Bea with doing gardening
Bea earned a Gem by helping Agi's daughter with reading
Agi  earned a Gem by helping Liz A. with her garden
Liz earned a Gem by altering Karina's curtains 
Karina earned a Gem by cleaning  Paola's pond filter
Paola earned a Gem by mending Estelle's daughters jumper
Estelle earned a Gem by helping Karina with moving the raised beds to her new garden
Karina earned a Gem by providing Pat with painting materials and dust sheets.
Pat earned a Gem helping Pavlina

Thank you to all of you how have given an hour of your time to help someone else and of course
Thank you to all of you who made it possible for all these people to shine and show what they can do for others.

Being in the Skills Exchange is a matter of give and take

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