Stars all over

Yesterday a group of 10 of us came together making origami stars and sharing companionship. 
After a couple of hours of great guidance from Louise, a lovely glass of wine and hot spiced apple juice and some Christmassy nibbles we all went on our way with stars to adorn our houses.

What was so lovely was the fact that 2 of our younger members, Michaela and Szofi  came too and spend the evening away from TV, computers or phones. As a matter of fact, no phone in sight.  Just time and attention for our friends and ourselves.

A great way to get to know each other and organise events to help others in the future.
We managed to set up our own mini carol singing choir. First some of us will go Carol singing with Eileen in St Andrews Church in Chesterton next Thursday  and then the week after, Thursday 22nd at 2pm we will go carol singing at Primrose lodge, the care home at the end of our street, accompanied by Naomi (Cello teacher) and one of her young students.

We all agreed that this 'workshop' format was lovely. We all learnt something and had a great evening at the same time. Now Louise has earned some gems so she will be spending her gems to keep our Skills Exchange active and happy.

Anyone else interested in sharing knowledge, skills, or craft or handy work, they would like to turn into a 'workshop' ?  *
It is a great way to keep the gems shining.

Wishing you a wonderful day

* PS if you want to do a workshop but  are a little short of space, you can always see if I or any one else is willing to host for a gem.

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