The Gems have arrived!

Thanks to our good friend John Stallard, we have now got our bright red Gems, to start trading once we have the group of 20 together.

The idea is that every member of the Cambridge Skills Exchange will receive 10 gems.
Each gem stands for 1 hour of work you have received. (or part there off. Always offer more gems and it is then up to the recipient to accept or not) 
So if you have received 1 hour of pilates lesson, you will give the teacher 1 gem.
Or if you have received a meal that took the cook 1 hour (inclusive of tidying etc) again you give them 1 gem.
Had some electric work done that took 1 hour and 10 minutes you offer 2 gems, it is then up to the electrician to either accept the 2 gems or just have 1. It is up to him.

The motto is to give generously and receive graciously. If everyone gives to the best of their abilities and offers only skills they are good at and enjoy doing this,  all should be well.

Under no circumstances should anyone feel that their hour is worth more than someone else's as otherwise inflation creeps in and grumbles will arise. 

The system is by no means perfect as you cannot 'trade' goods(*), this is just a way to help friends in the system and build community. If any costs arise (say someone puts in a radiator) you pay the cost price of the radiator and in gems for the time the plumber spent).

If and when you would like the Cambridge Skills Exchange, you are asked to hand back your 10 gems.

The idea is not to keep your gems sitting in your Gem Jar, but let them shine!
Give others a chance to do what they do best and enjoy doing, so that you to can enjoy your time with things you are good at and enjoy.

(*) If you like to trade goods, you might be better off joining Camlets as their Cams are more flexible to deal with, bartering is possible in that system.

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