Skills Exchange Summer Party

Every summer we tend to have a bring and share party so that our members get to meet up and re-connect. This year I combined it with the annual picnic on the lawns of Victoria  Homes.

As we all live fairly near to this venue and the facilities are second to none, it was a wonderful get together. 14 our of 34 members came,  some of whom helped set up the gazebos, tables, chairs and made flower arrangements, others came to join us and brought something nice to drink and eat to share with the rest of the visitors.

The day was very hot (27C and has been like this for some weeks now) there was football (England vs Belgium world cup) Tennis at Wimbledon, Bastille day, a 3 day festival on Parker's Piece so there was plenty of competition for entertainment. Harmony, Pavlina, Liz, Paola, Clarissa, Glo, Electra, Helene, Sue and Agi sent their apologies so all in all most of the group responded to the invitation.

Not only were we there to have some fun, we also came across some more lovely neighbours to whom we could talk about the Skills Exchange. Let's see if we get some new members.

Will do it again if we can get the opportunity

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