Some feedback

Cambridge skills exchange is a fabulous idea especially if  like me you do not have a partner to help with  those little jobs that are not worth  hiring a  professional eg Getting the Christmas decorations down from  the loft ! 
.Also it is lovely to share a chore with someone to make it less so and more fun.
It is also useful to hear of other events going on in the area. that you might otherwise miss.
 I believe that the concept of connecting in a face to face way has perhaps never been more important in this sometimes crazy world.
 Thank you all who contribute especially Karina.

 I have had help with;;
 Getting Christmas decorations down from the loft
 Washing of garage doors
 Lift to the station & hospital.
 Face reflexology

 I have contributed;
 Life Coaching
 Garden design and planting advice
 Garden Centre  collection
 Loan of a patio power hose
    & a couple of Tea parties. 


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