Message from Simone

I love it but have no time... no skills to give... I am working full time... Don’t be shy, give us a try!

We often hear these replies when we tell others about our wonderful community of givers and takers! Some people also have problems taking; believe it or not, you have to push them to accept the gems. As we have already explained before, if a gem stays unused in the jar it can deprive others of a chance to shine. If you are sceptical, read the Journey of a Gem! 

So I am writing this to encourage you to give it a go. You put in as much as you can, there is no pressure here to ‘perform’, we are all friends and we often meet socially. There are also interesting spins-off to this group... some of us are member of the University’s Newcomers and Visiting Scholars and Karina has now set up an Abundance blog if you fancy fruit harvesting as a social activity (no gems but plenty of fruit). Members share their interests and we also have a Craft Club, French-speaking meetups... We also go out to places in the evening to have a drink now and then.

Now let’s look at the skills... ‘Skills’ is a broad term in our group. We have some tech people who are happy to help with IT issues but most of us need everyday skills like ironing, walking pets, child-minding, cooking, doing some DIY, sewing, car lifts, gardening, cleaning... Surely you have one of these skills you can share?

We welcome you if you live near Victoria Road, Gilbert Road, Histon Road... we have an area limit as we want to keep the group close geographically and manageable. So don’t be shy, give us a try! We are free and friendly.

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