Guido and Paola. a match made in... Garden Walk

Dear all, 

As you may know Karina’s son Michael and three of his college mates are  here in Cambridge until May 20th for a project they are doing as part of their studies in Denmark. 

I offered to put up one of the young men and Guido, Italian like me, arrived on May 23rd. I hardly get to see him as he leaves at 8 am. and often doesn’t come home till I have gone to bed. On the occasions when we meet it’s nice for us both to talk about things Italian. 

The deal is that he gives me one gem for every night he spends at my house and I then pay hime in gems for chores he does for me. I didn’t think of taking photos, as others have done, of the various chores  Guido  did for me last Saturday  but would like to list them  here so that you know and he gets the credit: 

1. hung up my, very heavy, living room curtains which had come back from the dry cleaner 
2. swept the side passage clean 
3. brought my garden furniture, one table and 4 chairs, out of the shed into the garden. I can now sit outside, weather permitting! 

So now I have to think what else I can ask him to do… washing my car is definitely one of them! 

Watch this space! 
Have a good day 

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