Thanks Kare for your wonderful talk: Now I know what we are. We are Opportunity Makers

So often people ask me: "What do you do?"
I give various answers, depending on how I feel. "Mother, Housewife, Carer, Community Builder,gardener, painter and decorator, Cook, Environmental adviser." It is true, I am all that but somehow it does not really convey what I think I am.

Then this morning I watched Kare's Ted talk   Listening to what she had to say revealed that us Skills Exchangers are "Opportunity makers".

If you truly understand the Skills Exchange initiative, where you find the strengths in people and let them shine  (hence our tokens are called Gems) and that you can help others by using your strengths, Then you too are a Opportunity Maker.

Have a look for yourself, I can thoroughly recommend this talk.  Get yourself a cuppa,  relax,enjoy it and think of all the opportunities you have created for others to shine and the others who allowed you to find your strengths.  I for one, am grateful for all you have done for my family and myself, the friendships that have been created and the generosity of spirit that has grown out these actions. I hope you feel the same.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Keep up the good work

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