Keeping it in the family?

On Monday, I went to help Karina trim overgrown trees and bushes with my trusty duo of lopper and secateurs. I had a headache from sitting in front of a computer all morning and I relished the idea of getting some fresh air while earning my first gem.

It was a very productive hour as we filled two green bins and made a pile for future disposal. The garden looked neater, more spacious and we got rid of some nasty brambles poking out of the flowerbed. After this garden tidy session, I picked up the jam Michael, Karina's son, made for me. He had generously thrown some berries in a batch of the jam, so I now have 10 apple and apple and berry jam jars.

The garden was cleared and my headache cleared off. I cycled home in a happy mood with the jars wrapped in bubble wrap and nestling in my pannier and rucksack.

Simone Castello

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