Make a wish

Dear All,
It has been a pleasure to have met you over the last few weeks and am really excited that a momentum is building.

Now we have about 10 people it might be nice to find out if we have people in the group who can help each other to kick start some inter action.
When one of the new members remarked that  he would like to see what others are offering, it sparked off an idea...
If everyone would think of one wish they might like to receive at this moment in time (even if it is not on the list as yet) it might be that people can still help you but had not thought of offering that particular skill.  It would be a lovely way to add some more skills to the list.
For  those who have not been able to fill in the list, just let me know and I will help you out.
My wish is:

Help with decorating in my utility room. (strip paint and repaint)
Can anyone make my wish come true?
Looking forward to hearing from you (with your wish)

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