Ciao Paola

Please let me introduce you to our newest member of the Cambridge skills exchange.
This is what Paola writes about herself:

Hi all,

finally set up my g.mail account….. What can I tell you about myself?

I can sew, knit, crochet and even make lace (tatting). I am quite good at turning up hems and trousers but draw a line at zips! Could use help in the garden and in the house sometime moving things which are heavy or reaching things which are too high up as I am rather small.

I like meeting people, going to the cinema, theater, gardening as well as cooking and love baking bread (without a machine). I speak Italian, German and French as well as English and am happy to offer translation services from those languages.

Have lived in Garden Walk, Cambridge for the last 27 years which is the longest I have lived anywhere, and in the same house, in my life.

Originally come from Florence but left Italy 49 years ago. With my husband, Roy, who was in the British Foreign Office, and our 4 sons we lived abroad (Senegal, Sweden and India) for 12 years. We were posted back to England in 1977 and decided to stay put. We settled in St.Neots - the boys, who had been at boarding school, went to the local school and then went on to University. I got a job in Huntingdon as a multilingual administrator and a similar one in Cambridge where we moved in 1987 which had been a dream of mine.

Unfortunately in 1988 the dream was shattered as both my eldest son, Mark, and my husband died within 8 months of one another. But I still love Cambridge and feel very privileged to have ended up here from Florence. Two of my sons live in England and one in Italy. I have three grandsons who are by now young men and all live in England.

I am a Christian and a member of Holy Trinity Church in the centre of town. My faith is very important to me but am a liberal at heart and have many friends with different religious views or even none!

I seem to have rambled on as I often do. Look forward to meeting you all personally and being part of this very good initiative. I include a photo of myself hoping to encourage others to do the same….


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